Sermon Songs Volume IV: Mastering Your Emotions

Nov. 13, 2020 | By Creflo Dollar

Sermon Songs is back with a new edition: Sermon Songs Volume IV: Mastering Your Emotions! The album presents my new music and features my daughter, Jordan L’Oreal.


It explores the different dimensions of our emotions, from fear to faith and everything in-between. From beginning to end, this album delivers a fusion of musical expression and refreshing sermons designed to heal our souls in all the right places.

It was during times of reflection on what’s going on in the world today that this project was birthed. People are facing crises all over, making it critical to maintain control over our emotions. How do we face things that rise up in our lives? How do we maneuver through challenges? Answering these questions led me back to my Emotions series of messages; ensuring people are emotionally victorious through Christ resulted in the Sermon Songs Volume IV: Mastering Your Emotions album.

While the music on this new Sermon Songs album is amazing, the mission behind the project is even more heartfelt. When supporting this project, you are also supporting our global missions initiative, Hope in Disaster. This not only encompasses natural disasters, which we provide relief for, but it includes the uncertainty that has arisen with this year’s pandemic.

This year we were able to provide hope by showing up each day where we were needed. We did daily confessions to keep us anchored in the Word, showed up with masks and supplies for nursing homes, and gave away food and supplies to help meet the physical needs of thousands all over the country.

Sermon Songs Volume IV: Mastering Your Emotions builds on that hope, helping us to take authority over our emotions instead of being overcome by our circumstances. We still have more work to do and more hope to give. By purchasing this album, you’ll help us do just that.

Click here to order a copy of Sermon Songs Volume IV: Mastering Your Emotions right now for a gift of any amount, or click here to stream on Apple Music now.