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For the week of May 2, 2022 Grace to Lead

We all remember playing the game “Follow the Leader” as children. The idea of being a leader can sound appealing, but not everyone is cut out for leadership; those who are face awesome responsibilities. God gives different gifts to different people, and He places all who trust in Him where they are best suited to use those gifts. Individuals called and equipped to lead each have their own unique way of displaying their leadership talents, but above all, they need a servant’s mindset.

Jesus perfectly embodied this mindset; He taught His disciples to lead without lording it over others. Christian leadership is not about domination or control, but about being like Jesus and serving others. To those who much has been given, much is required. If we find ourselves in this role, we must remember that to be godly leaders means we’re faithful and wise stewards.

Gideon was a good example of a biblical leader. He looked to God, not to himself or even to his son, as the one to provide leadership. True leaders are content to stay where God has placed them, and they don’t feel the need to threaten others or compete with them to “win” a spot. Unlike his rival, Gideon stayed out of self-centeredness and refused to promote himself over others.

Good leaders also never have a problem submitting to those in authority over them. During His ministry, Jesus demonstrated His love for His heavenly Father by regularly submitting to Him. Those of us who are in positions of authority should obey our spiritual leaders, because those people keep watch over our souls without resting.
Grace-based leadership, not threatening leadership that uses intimidation to control others, is what Jesus taught. Leaders who are secure in themselves can persuade others to join them, not simply follow them out of fear. They put others first and aren’t swayed by selfish interests. We maximize the impact we can make on others’ lives by following this example.


God, Your Word teaches us how to lead others in love. Leadership isn’t about going first or being on top, but about sacrifice and humble service. We’re grateful that Your Son perfectly demonstrated this. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Romans 12:6

Matthew 20:25-28

Luke 12:42, 48

Judges 8:22, 23

John 14:31

Hebrews 13:17
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