Dr.Creflo Dollar is the president and CEO of World Changers Church International. World Changers Church International includes World Changers Church International (WCCI), Creflo Dollar Ministries (CDM), Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association (CDMA) and Arrow Records. For more information about Dr.Dollar, read his biography or view the segment, “Up Close and Personal With Dr.Creflo Dollar.”

With a name like “Dollar,” does Dr. Creflo Dollar teach about anything other than money?

Yes. Although Dr. Dollar’s ground‑breaking revelation on prosperity is what he’s best known for, Dr. Dollar makes it a point to teach on a variety of topics because his calling is to teach total life prosperity‑spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and financial well‑being. He teaches on everything from marriage and family to prayer, physical fitness, character development and discipline.

What is WCCNY?

World Changers Church ‑ New York (WCCNY) is a non‑denominational church that was founded by Dr. Dollar in October 2004, and is pastored by him and his wife, Taffi Dollar.

Does Dr. Creflo Dollar pastor any other churches?

Yes. Dr. Dollar pastors World Changers Church International in College Park, Georgia founded in 1986 and World Changers Church ‑ New York founded in 2004. Dr. Dollar also imparts wisdom and gives direction to CDMA member ministries.

What can WCCNY do for me?

WCCNY imparts life changing messages into the lives of people all over the world through simplicity and understanding. This ministry also provides opportunities for each person that it impacts to grow spiritually and demonstrate the love of God as seen in the life of Jesus.

Must I be a millionaire to join WCCNY?

Although many of our members are wealthy, our doors are open to anyone, regardless of their economic status.

Do I need to present my W‑2 form or the title deed to my home in order to become a member?

Absolutely not! We are not the IRS or a mortgage company.

Where does the ministry money come from?

From the donations of people just like you!

How can I purchase products?

There are three ways in which you can order products:

  • Through our Online Bookstore using our secure server.
  • Toll‑free at (866) 477‑7683.
  • Mail your order using our product catalog or magazine order forms:
    Creflo Dollar Ministries
    P.O. Box 2272
    New York, NY 10116-2272

How can I receive your monthly e‑newsletter?

You can become an e‑mail subscriber online to receive regular updates on the latest ministry news and upcoming events.

When are your services?

Services are held every Saturday at 6:00 pm. Service locations are available online.